Future Trials of Scalp Cooling - Summit Roundtable

What Next? The Future of Scalp Cooling Trials and Research

Conversation led by Richard Paxman with Dr Jyoti Bajpai, Dr Andrew Collett, Dr Asma Dilawari, Dr Nikolaos Georgopoulos, Professor Annie Young, Dr Julie Nangia and Dr Corina van den Hurk. March 2022.

Equity in Scalp Cooling - Summit Roundtable

Chemotherapy Side Effect Management for Patients of Color – Why Equity Matters in Cancer Care

Conversation led by Maimah Karmo with Dr Beth McLellan, Oyetewa Oyerinde, Isa Pupo Wiss and Maricia Cole. April 2022.

Patient-Centered Care - Summit Roundtable

Patient-Centered Care - Beyond the Buzzword

Conversation led by Dr Maryam Lustberg with Dr Jyoti Bajpai, Dr Manpreet Kohli and Trisha Marsolini. March 2022.

Quality of Life and Hair Loss - Summit Roundtable

Do Quality of Life Measurements Need to Evolve to Reflect the Impact of Hair Loss During Chemo?

Conversation led by Professor Fran Boyle with Dr Steven Isakoff, Dr Amie Jackson, Trisha Marsolini and Isa Pupo Wiss. March 2022.

Nursing Role and Scalp Cooling - Summit Roundtable

The Importance of the Nursing Role in Scalp Cooling and Chemotherapy Side Effect Management

Conversation led by Dr Erica Fischer-Cartlidge with Josephine Divers, Ruth Hammond, Lauren Matthews, Elisa Mills and Julianna Paulucci. April 2022.

Managing Patient Expectations - Summit Roundtable

Preparing Patients and Managing Expectations - A Multidisciplinary Conversation

Conversation led by Dr Mario Lacouture with Dr Giselle Barros, Dr Asma Dilawari, Dr Manpreet Kohli and Iain Sallis. March 2022.