Keynote Discussions

Scalp Cooling with Anthracyclines - Summit Keynote Discussion

Scalp Cooling with Anthracyclines – Breaking Away from ‘Taxanes Only’

Conversation led by Dr Julie Nangia with Mary Fay, Dr Taka Kinoshita, Dr Christian Kurbacher and Dr Jin Soek Ahn. April 2022.

Cryotherapy for CIPN - Summit Keynote Discussion

Development of the Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Cryocompression Device​

Conversation led by Dr Charles Loprinzi with Dr Melissa Accordino, Dr Aishwarya Bandla, Dr Stephanie Graff, Anne Marie Mercurio and Dr Raghav Sundar. March 2022.

Regrowth with Scalp Cooling - Summit Keynote Discussion

Beyond Hair Retention - Scalp Cooling for Regrowth

Conversation led by Richard Paxman with Dr Jyoti Bajpai. April 2022.

Oncodermatology and Scalp Cooling - Summit Keynote Discussion

Oncodermatologist Perspective - Why Side Effect Management Should Be Preventative, Not Curative​

Conversation led by Dr Corina van den Hurk with Dr Nicole LeBoeuf, Dr Beth McLellan, and Dr Ian Tattersall. March 2022.

Psychosocial Impact of Hair Loss - Summit Keynote Discussion

The Psychosocial Impact of Chemotherapy Side Effects - During Treatment and Beyond ​

Conversation led by Professor Catherine Paterson with Dr Amy Comander, Trisha Marsolini, Asha Miller and Dr Eleonora Teplinsky. April 2022.

PCIA and Docetaxel - Summit Keynote Discussion

Persistent Alopecia and Docetaxel – Low Incidence, High Impact​

Conversation led by Shirley Ledlie with Dr Bevin Bhoyrul, Dr Albane Lhuillier and Dr Dominique Spaeth. April 2022.

Scalp Cooling protocols - Summit Keynote Discussion

The Importance of Protocols in Achieving Efficacious Scalp Cooling

Conversation led by Dr Lindsay Peterson with Dr Steven Isakoff, Elisa Mills, Mikel Ross and Dr Corina van den Hurk. April 2022.